GenXE - Generate Xss Exploit

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Generate Xss Exploit Automatically -
No matter whether the cross-site scripting lies in Url, Post-Method Form, CSS or something else.
GenXE works on Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Netscape Navigator.
Exploits generated by GenXE works on Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Netscape Navigator
(unless user's shellscript has compatibility problem).

1.SimpleXssExploit --> DesiredXssExploit
Give us a simple cross-site scripting exploit(an exploit pops up "alert" messagebox )
And the script that you want to run(send cookie to your emailbox, load your JS file, etc):
We'll give you desired XSS exploit.

Step-By-Step Walkthrough
Technical Details

2.HtmlCode --> JavascriptCode
Give us your HTML code(<B>Hell</B>o , etc),
We give you its corrosponding script code(executing it will display your HTML code)

3.SimpleXssExploit --> Shellscript-in-Another-Window Exploit
Step-By-Step Walkthrough
Technical Details

4.%-encoding& decoding (deal with escaped strings)
encode and decode strings.